CroLED Reviewer Program is a program that encourage customers who have already purchased a product to share their authentic experience about that product, regardless of whether it is a 1-star or 5-star review.

Yes, it is authorized ! Because we do not disclose at the time of purchase whether a product is participating in the program as we want to hear from customers who have authentically chosen to buy that product without any knowledge of a future reward.

Not all products are participating in this program and not all buyers of participating products will receive reward offers to write a review.

Our Reviewer Program eliminate the inherent bias of a customer who knowingly opts into an incentivized program simply to rake in discounted products.

We want this program to generate enough reviews to help shoppers make smarter buying decisions; this is not a rewards program intended to encourage purchases.

If selected, the customers participating to our CroLED Reviewer Program will receive either one of the following reward:

– A full refund of your Amazon purchase order.

– A partial refund of your Amazon purchase order.

– A FREE product (note: free products are not entitled to our product warranty).

1. To be eligible to participate to CroLED Reviewer Program, each participant must have purchased a CroLED product via Amazon and submitted an authentic review complying to Amazon community guidelines.

2. To be elligible, the participant must write a review (whether 1-star or 5-star) that:

– Display an authentic experience with the product.

– Provide insightful information about the product that are useful for other customers.

– In case of issue with the product, display a first attempt to solve the problem with the customer support.

– Provide pictures or video to illustrate the experience with the product.

3. After having published your review on Amazon, use the below form to submit your application by providing the following information:

- Your Amazon order number.

- The link of your review on Amazon. Our marketing team will reply the result to you within 48 hours after having submitted your application.Or you can leave a message on our facebook(search "CroLED")

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